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Grace Ormonde – A Colorful Garden Wedding At Wandering Tree Estate in Barrington, Illinois

Alex and Ray’s Wedding at Wandering Tree Estate

“What began as the precautionary task of warning our best friends of the danger of jumping into love without acknowledging the possibilities of heartbreak, quickly evolved into a friendship where we openly embraced one another’s fears, pain, hope, and optimism about our separate, yet quickly converging lives,” states Alexandra Wake.

Her relationship with Ray Moore was so cheerful and filled with love, that a year of long distance dating felt like an eternity. After a strenuous three months living together in a one-bedroom Chicago apartment with their three dogs and two cats, the couple eventually moved to Tempe, Arizona.

“In what could only make our love story more complete, Ray proposed in front of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy as the bell tower rang,” Alexandra recalls. “A crowd of locals and tourists alike sounded their applause as a ‘yes’ and ‘thank you’ were uttered under tears of indescribable elation.”

During the wedding planning process, Regina Brooks of Regine Danielle Events found the perfect wedding venue for Ray and Alexandra’s big day – the Wandering Tree Estate in Barrington, Illinois, boasting incomparable botanical gardens and gorgeous scenery. This inspired the couple’s vision for a bohemian chic affair. Later, invitations designed by Ola Morin-Muhammed of Ijorere were delivered with vibrant pastel watercolor dahlia gatefolds, revealing a wooden invitation foil pressed in rose gold.

“A soft breeze billowed as vows of pure and true love were exchanged,” describes the bride. “Goosebumps were forming and tears were slipping out as we recognized the abundance of devotion, not only between us, but also pouring from the family and friends we were surrounded by.”

The ceremony and reception at Wandering Tree Estate were draped in floral elegance, compliments of Jenna Sprengel of Avante Gardenia. At every turn, guests were in awe of the flowers, which consisted of a blush, peach, marmalade, coral, purple, and poppy color palette. Guests dined on an exceptional menu provided by Inspired Catering & Events by Karen and Gina Stefani, including food stations that allowed everyone to mingle throughout dinner and take in the sights of the private estate’s lush gardens.

“We were blessed to hear the kind words of our family and closest friends,” says the bride. “We also celebrated the life of the groom’s brother, Marquis, who passed away, by dancing to his music during the reception and feeling his spirit. The newlyweds enjoyed dancing the night away with their loved ones, celebrating the beginning of their new life together.


Source: A Colorful Garden Wedding At Wandering Tree Estate in Barrington, Illinois

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