Anniversaries and Engagements

Make your next anniversary unforgettable or celebrate your engagement with a private party. Transport yourself into a world of beauty and wonder as you celebrate the occasion. With 10-acres of exquisite gardens at every turn, there will never be a dull moment. Your photographers will love the various unique locations for absolutely stunning photos. There is even an indoor and outdoor model train layout that provides unlimited hours of pure entertainment for everyone.

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Bridal Cottage
10-Acres to Enjoy
...and more!

Additional Features:

  • On-site property manager to help with the logistics at the estate on the day of the event. 
  • Endless locations for photo-opportunities
  • Great hotel located less than two miles away


Price only includes the use of the Estate. Renting the estate gives you 1 full day of private access to Wandering Tree. Our pricing package does not include catering, decor, music, etc..

For more information on pricing please visit the FAQ page.

For a price estimate please contact us at (847) 381-1907  or by visiting the Contact page.