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Celebrating 50 years…Wandering Tree Estate is anything but ordinary for weddings!

By Wandering Tree Estate | December 22, 2021 | Sponsored Post Wedding Features

With 10 acres of breath-taking award-winning gardens, model train layouts and museum, and a large sparkling lake, Wandering Tree Estate transports you into an unforgettable realm of beauty and wonder. The unique all-outdoor setting allows you and your guests to enjoy your big day surrounded by tropical flowers and rare plants and trees – on your very own private estate. We asked HL Silets, General Manager, Wandering Tree Estate to share a few facts about his venue and why it’s the perfect choice for couples planning their big day or sweet occasion.

Why are you called Wandering Tree Estate?

Many years ago, Elaine (the owner of Wandering Tree), had visions to build a swimming pool to relax in during the summer. There was one small issue – a massive tree was in the way! The appointment to relocate the tree was scheduled, yet nobody showed up. After waiting for the tree movers to to arrive a call came in unexpectedly. The tree movers confirmed they had moved the tree…however, it turns out that the movers relocated somebody else’s tree by mistake! Hence the name Wandering Tree.

Where is Wandering Tree Estate Located?

We are located in the lush northern suburb of Barrington Illinois, however our exact address is withheld to ensure privacy.

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What is unique about your venue?

There are a million reasons why Wandering Tree Estate is unique, but I would have to say our gardens are the #1 reason. They are also Instagram ready and will blow you and your guests away. There are endless locations for photo-opportunities by our expansive lake and even a country club style pool for cocktails. With a maximum capacity of 50 guests, we offer the most luxurious experience for an intimate wedding or specil occasion providing a larger than life experience on a private estate. We event have a sweet Bridal Cottage for the bridal party to relax and refresh throughout the day. Other featured amneities include an on-site manager and electrician to keep your event running smoothly and a hand picked list of vendors vetted by us for a custom experience. However we do allow for outside vendors to fit couples needs.


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Are you a public venue?

No, Wandering Tree Estate is a private venue. We do have private garden walks to the public that take place in the summer season. However every event is singular and private. You are the only event taking place on the estate. We give by appointment only walkthroughs which can be made directly through our website.

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Is there an indoor space available?

Wandering Tree Estate is an outdoor venue best for weddings, however there is a small indoor space in the train studio workshop that can hold a maximum of 50 guests standing and seated.

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How much will it cost to have an event at Wandering Tree Estate?

Our pricing for all events is very dynamic and changes depending on the date, time, guest count, and several other factors. The current price for a 2022 wedding starts at $1,500. We also offer pricingfor other types of events such as corporate, rehearsal dinners, birthdays, etc.

2023 Wedding Pricing

1-15 Guests: $1,500
16-30 Guests: $2,500
31-50 Guests: $3,500

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How can we book a wedding at Wandering Tree Estate?

You can visit or website and click our contact page or call direct at (847) 381-1907 or via email

Wandering Tree Estate
North Barrington, IL
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