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Chicago Style Weddings: Choosing Your Ideal Wedding Venue

Historic Estate or Site

Character abounds with a historic site or estate as a venue. By leaning into the splendor of the past, you can ease up on decor rentals and let the space speak for itself. These venues typically have sweeping gardens, breathtaking architecture and the irreplaceable richness of history. If you’re looking for a venue that is timeless and welcoming, a historic estate might be up your alley. However, due to the quaint charm of the past, these venues can lack modern amenities like ample restrooms or grounded power outlets, so keep that in mind!

Explore Chicago area historic venues here.


Gardens are charming and undeniably beautiful venues for spring or summer weddings (perhaps a conservatory or greenhouse in the winter, though). Let nature guide your décor, allowing the expert landscaping to lead the way with ample greenery and blossoms. The depth and texture of garden venues allow you to be transported to a full sensory experience.

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Romanticism comes with the territory of a waterfront wedding. No matter how high your wedding-day nerves might be, ultimate relaxation comes with getting married in front of a cacophony of trickling water or crashing waves. A waterfront wedding can take place in a variety of places, like on a yacht or private charter, on a beach, at a marina or at a dock. For a midwestern state, there’s a surprising number of options near Chicagoland! Opt for something on Lake Michigan or plan a mini-destination wedding to surrounding waterfront areas like Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Explore Chicago area waterfront venues here.


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